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Digital Solutions

Paradigm’s cutting-edge digital tools enrich learning experiences and simplify course management. While bridging the communication gap between students and instructors, these robust, digital tools also teach students how to leverage technology for success in their academic, professional, and social lives.

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SNAP is a revolutionary, web-based training and assessment system that streamlines course-management for instructors and optimizes learning and skill development for students. Going beyond software simulations, SNAP tests and strengthens students’ skills in the actual Microsoft Office 2013 applications.

SNAP 2016

Paradigm’s SNAP Online Lab for Keyboarding, Sixth Edition, is a web-based learning management system that lets instructors easily deliver, share, and customize keyboarding courses; track student performance; and communicate with students.


Our Digital World, Third Edition, combines online activities and textbook resources to create an innovative, hybrid-learning product that appeals to contemporary students who want to do rather than only read.


Paradigm’s Internet Resource Center provides additional resources to support our textbooks, including student data files, web links, and updates. Instructor resources include syllabus suggestions, PowerPoint presentations, Testing, and Answer Keys.


Most of Paradigm’s textbooks are available as web-based eBooks that can be viewed on multiple computers. After being purchased, Paradigm's eBooks can be accessed for 180 days. 


With FlipGrid™, instructors create short, discussion-style questions that students respond to through recorded videos. FlipGrid boosts community and social presence in face-to-face, hybrid, and online classrooms.


Avenue™ is an innovative e-assessment platform for building custom language tasks to capture, evaluate, archive, and visualize progress of video-based learner performances in any world language classroom.


The Course Navigator is a Web-based learning management system that helps students strengthen their understanding of electronic health records and health information management and technology through flashcards, live assessments, and quizzes. The system enables instructors to assess students’ work, track progress, download results, and more.


The EHR Navigator is a live, interactive software program that gives students realistic practice working with electronic health records. The system teaches students the principles of EHR software through a variety of inpatient, outpatient, and personal health records activities.